Summer courses! Enrol now!
We already have the open enrollment of our SUMMER COURSES! Take the opportunity to improve your level with these courses specially designed for you: - If you want to do a sprint in any language, we recommend you do an INTENSIVE COURSE in July, 1 level in 1 month! - If you want SPEAKING classes, we have very small groups at all levels! - If you want your children to do a full immersion in English and learn while having lots of fun, we offer you the summer ESPLAI AND CAMPUS in English! - If you want to REINFORCE the contents of a practical level, we have EXTENSION classes! - And if you want to prepare for official Cambridge EXAMS, summer is the best time to do a sprint! Find out now about the discounts if you sign up before May 31!
Happy Saint George’s day 2018! Celebrate it with us and win a summer course!
The Centro Aragonés de Rubí has put up a great planning to celebrate the day. The activities include, in collaboration with British House, a design competition of St. George’s posters aimed at young people between 8 and 16 years old. The theme is free and you can win a 300 euro voucher for our summer courses at British House (July 2018) More info here: http://www.britishhouse.es/img/new/banners-left/pdfs/BASES-CONCURSO-CARTELES-2018.pdf
The new Spring / Summer free activities calendar is here!
With the arrival of the new year, the calendar of free Spring/ Summer activities of British House has also arrived! In it you will find activities for all: children, young people, adults, and not only in English, but also in other languages. As a novelty, this term all activities will take place in Mestre Martí Tauler Library in Rubí. If you still haven't taken part in our free workshops, hurry up and sign up for the next dates! We look forward to seeing you!!! Click here to see the calendar: http://www.britishhouse.es/img/new/banners-left/pdfs/activities-calendar-spring-summer2018.pdf
Great success of the free workshops that British House offers to everyone!
With the arrival of autumn, the calendar of free Autumn / Winter activities of British House has also arrived! In it you will find activities for all: children, young people, adults, and not only in English, but also in other languages. The first workshops have already taken place in September, and have been a great success, having to repeat some of them due to the great number of participants they had. If you missed them, hurry up and sign up for the next dates! We look forward to seeing you!!! Click here to see the calendar: http://www.britishhouse.es/img/new/banners-left/pdfs/BH-calendar-autumn-winter.pdf
New language courses. We start in October.
We have prepared a language course program specially designed to meet the needs of our students, their families and everyone in general. In order to cover YOUR needs: Do you want to learn a new language? Would you like your 1 year old to start learning English? Maybe you are a parent of a student of ours and want to do English at the same time that your child is in class. Or maybe you work in a store or shop and want to take advantage of lunchtime to improve your English ... If you are in any of these situations, our new courses are ideal for you! Classes begin on October 16. We look forward to seeing you there!
New courses 2017/2018
Classes have already started at British House and we are very happy to have been reunited with all our students and to be able to welcome all of you who have joined our great family this course. If your goal this year is to improve in school, to promote or better position yourself at work, meet new friends, travel, enjoy movies and series in the original version or just take on a new challenge in languages, British House is your best option!
Summer courses
Do not miss the opportunity to improve your English (or other language) with these courses specifically designed to cater for your needs now. If you want to advance quickly, we offer you intensive courses! If you want to improve speaking and listening, we have just what you need! For children and young people we offer “esplai” and summer camp with a total immersion in English! And if you want to learn a language abroad, we make it happen! Find out more now!!
Happy 16th anniversary British House!
This anniversary is possible thanks to all the people from Rubí who have trusted our school year after year; to all of you we want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :) To celebrate with you we invite you to try our free classes this month and if you sign up during the month of May you will benefit from a free registration fee! In addition, so you can see the insides of the school and meet our Head of Studies and our methodology, facilities and materials, we invite you to our open doors next Thursday 18th and 25th of May from 4 to 5 pm. Just call us on 935860825 to reserve your attendance and we'll be delighted to meet you! We hope to see you soon and together celebrate the anniversary of British House! For many more years of languages, progress and shared happiness!
Happy Saint George’s day! Celebrate it with us and win a summer course!
The Centro Aragonés de Rubí has put up a great planning to celebrate the day. The activities include, in collaboration with British House, a design competition of St. George’s posters aimed at young people between 8 and 16 years old. The theme is free and you can win a 300 euro voucher for our summer courses at British House (July 2017) More info here: http://www.britishhouse.es/img/new/banners-left/pdfs/BASES_CONCURSO.pdf
Free activities for people of all ages!
British House has prepared a programmer of free activities in English and other languages ​​for children, teens and adults. We want to fill your spring and summer with languages, learning, new experiences and fun! You can not miss them! For the little ones ... -French workshop: on 2/5 from 6 to 7 pm -Chinese workshop: on 15/5 from 8:30 to 9:30 pm -German workshop: on 17/5 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm -Games in English on the street: on 18/6 in the context of the day of the Botiga al carrer de Rubí -Crafts and storytime in English at the Martí Tauler library in Rubí: spring crafts (13/5 at 11 am), storytime "Jack and the beanstalk" (10/6 at 11 am), storytime "The three little pigs "(5/7 at 6 pm) and summer crafts (12/7 at 6 pm). For teens… - Free conversation classes in English "English and teens". See you there on 26/4, 10/5 and 14/6! For adults… - Free conversation classes in English "English and friends". See you there on the first Friday of each month from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. -English for work: learn how to write your CV and motivation letter in English on 27/4 from 8:30 to 9:30 pm, and write e-mails and make phone calls in English on 25/5 of 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. -French workshop: on 2/5 from 7 to 8 p.m. -Chinese workshop: on 15/5 from 7:30 to 8:30 pm -German workshop: on 17/5 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm
New spring courses at British House!
April and May not only bring showers and flowers, but also new opportunities for you to learn or improve a new language. We have prepared some great courses specially thought for this time of year. Check them out! -Subsidised English course for beginners -International courses abroad -Reinforcement English for Batxillerat and ESO -Intensive courses -Languages for travelling: Are you thinking about your holidays? We offer you a 2-month course of practical language for travelling in English, French or German. Please contact us for further information.
British House wishes you a Happy Easter!
Classes will start on April 18. Enjoy your Easter break!
Take part in the St. George’s poster contest!
The Centro Aragonés de Rubí, in collaboration with British House, organizes a design competition of St. George’s posters aimed at young people between 8 and 16 years old. The theme is free and you can win a 300 euro voucher for our summer courses at British House (July 2017) More info here: http://www.britishhouse.es/img/new/banners-left/pdfs/BASES_CONCURSO.pdf
Bonified English courses
Do you need to start lerning English quickly? In February we are starting a 6 month course of English level 1 which is BONIFIED up to 20%. Classes are on Mondays from 7 to 9 p.m. (check for other available schedules). You can do the whole level in 6 months and for a very little price! We remind you that in February we will also start German 1, French 1 and Italian 1. If you register now, you will also enjoy the 50% discount on our enrolment fee, take advantage of it! :) And if you want detailed information you can contact us by calling 93 586 08 25.
2017, a year for positivism :)
At British House we like to feel positive all year round, but the beginning of a new year is always a nice excuse to stop and think about our goals and new year’s resolutions. This year the whole family at British House (students, teachers and staff) have created a beautiful Positivity Wall. It’s full of color and good wishes, good ideas, purposes, and resolutions… thanks everybody for taking part in such a great project!
Christmas at British House!
Christmas is a great opportunity to learn about the culture of other countries and how a worldwide celebration can be so different from one place to another. At British House we like to make our students feel as if they really were celebrating in an English speaking country, that’s why from the youngest ones up to all adult classes, Christmas was a big hit! With the little ones we made crafts and learnt carols that we sung in the streets of Rubi, it was so much fun!!! Teens and adults classes played games and carried on other activities that helped them learn about other countries costums, Christmas vocabulary, etc. We all had a great time! We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2017!!!!
Happy Halloween!
During the last week of October, British House is all about pumpkins, witches and monsters! From the youngest to the oldest, all students enjoy celebrating Halloween. Children's groups go out in the traditional parade of "trick or treat" through the streets of Rubi, teenagers play a super scary gymkhana, and adults learn through games about the traditions and vocabulary of this Anglo-Saxon celebration.
We are starting English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese classes at British House!
In addition to English, British House is the only school in Rubí that offers classes of German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese for children, teens and adults. These courses follow the practical methodology that characterizes our school and take place one day a week. Stand out in the job market with knowledge of another language, British House helps you achieve your goals!
We have begun the course with great enthusiasm!
British House has already started the new course and with classes for children, teens and adults. Students have returned full of energy and eager to meet their new classmates and teachers, make friends and learn English and other languages this new course! The new central school, located at 21st Barcelona Ave. is fully operational, offering the best and most modern educational space for our students.
Holidays and a new year full of exciting news!
British House will be closed for holidays from July 29 to August 28. From Monday August 29th reception services will be open for any questions that you may have or to enroll in the new course. Classes begin on September 3rd. We look forward to September 3rd to start a new course full of hope and joy, to share our new school with you all and to continue enjoying the love for languages.
The new school is almost ready!
For the 2016-2017 course, British House opens a new central school located at 21st, Barcelona Ave., in the heart of Rubi (50 meters from the Kids School at 1 Sant Cugat St., Rubi). The new facility will have larger spaces, natural light and all the necessary technology to offer our students the best service. The works are almost finished, and we look forward with great enthusiasm to the day of the beginning of the course so that we can welcome you all to the new British House!
After the great success of Esplai and Summer camp in English: we’ll continue all year round!
Each year British House offers kids and the teens the summer camp program in English, a program where fun, learning and full immersion in the language are the keys to success. This year, at the request of our students, we’ll extend the campus and esplai in English throughout the course! Come Saturdays from 10 to 12 to learn English and have fun making new friends! Find out more now.
Teen total immersion 2016
Our teenage students have returned from Ireland after spending a few days of total immersion in English. They have experienced new and exciting adventures, they have made new friends, learned about the Irish culture ... and above all, they have had a great time while learning lots of English!
British House is celebrating its 15th anniversary!! Free workshops in English, open doors sessions, free one month trial ... and more!
This anniversary is possible thanks to all the people from Rubi that every year rely on our school; we want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH! To celebrate with you we invite you to try our free classes this month and if you sign up during the month of May you will benefit from free registration! As part of the celebrations, we have also organized a program of free workshops in English for children. In these workshops, English is used as the language of communication and the content of each workshop covers different topics. PROGRAM: Music & singing in English Saturday 7 May at 11am Arts & Crafts in English Saturday 14 May at 11am Story time in English Saturday 21 May at 11am Yoga in English Saturday 28 May at 11am Cooking in English Saturday 4 June at 11am Dance in English Friday 10 June at 19pm In addition, so you can see inside the school and meet our Head of Studies and our methodology, facilities and materials closely, we invite you to our open doors sessions next Thursday 12th and 18th of May in the afternoon. You just need to call 935860825 to book your visit and we'll be delighted to see you! We hope to see you soon and to celebrate together the anniversary of British House! For many more years of language, progress and shared happiness!
Facebook contest
To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we will raffle a summer course amongst all our fans on Facebook! Update: the winner is Silvia Mazon - congratulations!!! www.facebook.com/britishhouselanguages Find here all the free activities British House offers you! :) Follow us on Facebook and receive the latest information.
Total immersion: learn English in Ireland!
British House together with The Language Place (Ireland) offer the possibility of traveling this summer to learn English with a full immersion program for both teens and adults. We offer you: - High quality courses tailored to the needs of students. - Very interactive English lessons in a dynamic learning environment. - Small groups. - Irish teachers with over 10 years of experience. - Full board in houses with Irish people and host families carefully selected in the Dundalk area or accommodation in shared student apartments. - With the Total Immersion program you will be having “indirect classes” throughout the day thanks to a fabulous program of activities, interactive lessons outside the classroom, educational visits and exceptional weekends in major cities in Ireland: Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Kilkenny and Cork. - Total Immersion is a unique opportunity to spend time outside the classroom with teachers and Irish people so as to practice English naturally. - In the case of teen students, a detailed language skills report will be included for parents about their children’s progress in the different areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Do you want to know more? Find out now!
Great success of our Story Time in English!
On Saturday January 23 we read the story "Little Red Riding Hood" with many little friends of the British House in the Abacus of Sant Cugat. Parents and little ones had a great time enjoying the adventures of Little Red Riding Hood in English. The children participated actively and learnt lots of English! This free workshop was aimed at children aged 3-8 years old and their families.
The 2016 new courses are already here!
-Baby & Family: English for 1 year old children -Revision of English for children who have achieved low results in their December school grades -Preparation for high school and selectivity English -Intensives: 1 level in eight weeks for teens and adults -Extensives: 1 or 2 days a week for children (from 2 years), teens and adults - Conversation Classes (Speaking and Listening) -Preparation for the First Certificate -Cae-Proficiency exams of the Cambridge University - And individual tailored programs from 9 am to 10 pm
We start 2016 with workshops for children in English!
During all the Saturdays of January we offer workshops in English for children, you can’t miss them! On January 23 and 30 at Abacus Sant Cugat you will be able to participate in our storytelling workshop, when we will read the book "Little Red Riding Hood" and our carnival arts & crafts workshop, also in English. And on February 6th, at the British House Kids School, we will offer two workshops, one for the Baby and Family class (English for 1 year old children) and the other one for Baby and English, classes for children between 2 and 3 years old. We look forward to seeing you!
Happy Holidays!
The team at British House wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy 2016 full of learning!
British House working together with our student’s parents
At British House we understand that learning a language can be a lot more than just going to class twice a week, there is much more we can do, together with the families, to enhance the learning experience of our younger students.

That is why we are now having informative meetings between the parents and our director of studies, to explain moms and dads our methodology, the pedagogic resources used in our classes and the way parents can optimize their kids' learning at home too.

The next meetings will be hold on the following dates. Don't miss them!
- Kids & Juniors: 21st October
- Infants & Baby English: 4th November
- Teens & Young Adults: 11th November

Halloween is here!
At British House we love teaching languages but also living them. In the case of our English classes, we especially enjoy celebrating both British and American cultural traditions. In this way, our students can feel and experience the language as if they were learning it in its home country. Halloween arrives this month at the British House and we are already getting the school ready... we are decorating and preparing our traditional trick or treat parade. You cannot miss it! On 26, 27, 28 and 29 October we will celebrate Halloween!!!
Great success of our 'tastets d'idiomes'
British House is much more than English, it is a language school that focuses on the variety and quality in a multicultural environment that increasingly leads us to broaden horizons and speak more languages. That is why this year we have launched the "tastets d'idiomes", free workshops that let you "taste" languages like Russian, Japanese, Italian, German, Chinese, French, Portuguese... Thanks to all who have made this initiative a great success! If you like learning languages, you cannot miss the next courses to be launched in October: French, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. There are still places available, we look forward to seeing you there!
Start of classes
On September 3rd, the team of British House will be waiting for you to start the new course. We are eager and enthusiastic, and above all, we have a passion for languages!!! We are looking forward to seeing you!
Open doors and children's party with games in English... see you there!
To celebrate the beginning of the course with all of you we have organized an open doors day and children's party with games in English on Tuesday September 1st at 6 pm in our school in 1 Sant Cugat St., Rubí.
British House teachers at Macmillan Teacher Training sessions 2015!
Our teachers at British House are always stretching for improvement and self development. This is why several members of the team attended recently Macmillan Teacher Training sessions 2015 both in their edition for young learners and teenagers and adults. Inspiration, research, tips to use in class, some cool snacks, and above all, positive reinforcement on the fact that teaching languages is the best vocational job in the world!!
Story time in English
A British House we offer a variety of free activities to improve the language. One of the most popular is Story Time in English for children in the Library Mestre Martí Tauler. In our last edition, our Director of Studies, Cris Ortigas, told the story of Pinocchio, and the activity was so successful that several people had to be left out of the room. We look forward to having you with us the next time!
Dynamic and fun classes!
At British House we strive to provide our students not only with the best teaching of language and culture chosen, but, we make it fun! So that going to language classes is the best moment of your day.
New courses 2015!
A new year has just begun and if your purpose is to learn languages, the British House makes it easy for you! This month we have new courses beginning: extensive English 1 or 2 days a week for children (from 1 year and more), young adults and intensive courses and specific preparation classes for school and selectivity English, conversation classes, preparation for First Certificate- Proficiency- CAE- and other specific and tailor-made programs. Call us now at 935860825 and find out about the course that best suits your needs. British House helps you achieve your goals for 2015!
At the British House we celebrate Christmas too!
Now is the time of year when everything is possible, the illusion returns to children and adults close a cycle to start the New Year full of renewed energy. At the British House we offer plenty of activities to help you share this moment! Prior to Christmas, our youngest students at the school will sing Christmas carols in English through the streets of Rubí. We also offer a esplai for Children and a Youth campus, entirely in English, so that during the holidays they can maximize their desire to learn. And for those who wish to learn or improve languages next year, the British House offers a variety of courses in English and other languages beginning in January. You can not let them pass! Find out more now.
Halloween is here! Look at all the cultural activities we have prepared for you
This week we have a lot of really fun activities to celebrate the Halloween tradition with all our students.

Throughout the week, the youngest ones at the school will go "trick or treating" in the streets of Rubi, dressed up and accompanied by their teachers. We hope to receive lots of candies!
For our teens, we have prepared a Halloween gynkhama that will be super fun. And for adults, there's a new cycle beginning at the British House, the "Reading fun Club " to be held the last Friday of each month at 8 pm. This Friday, coinciding with the celebration of Halloween, the chosen book is "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe. See you there!

Other languages classes start in October!
Autumn has also brought other languages classes at the British House. Starting in October you can sign up for new classes of French, German, Russian and Chinese.

Do not miss the chance to start a new adventure, learning a new language and learning about a new culture. Find out more now!

British House in the news!
The new course party and open day session that British House held on 2 September was a great success. The news in the Diari de Rubí explain how the children played and practiced English with all the teachers from the school, while the parents took a tour of the facilities and got to know services at the British House.

The course has already started, with special offers during the month of September. Ask for more info now!

Welcome to the new course!

This week we had lots of fun at our welcome course party..., we played, we laughed, we had a snack together... but most importantly, we got the chance to share such a wonderful afternoon with all of you!!

Thank you so much for your participation!!! And welcome to the 2014-2015 course at British House!!!

PROFICIENCY, CAE and FIRST CERTIFICATE preparation courses. Certify your level!

Starting September this year, besides being able to prepare for the FIRST CERTIFICATE and CAE, British House also offers you the possibility of preparing for the certification of PROFICIENCY IN ENGLISH by the University of Cambridge. The Certificate of Proficiency is the highest level of accreditation of the University of Cambridge and it is equivalent to the highest European level C2 of the European Framework for Foreign Languages.

For timetable information you can call us 935860825 from 9 to 22h uninterrupted or come directly to the school at Psg. Francesc Macia 47. We look forward to seeing you!

Great success of the Total Immersion Summer Camp for Teens in English
Our Summer Camp in English for teens from 13 to 18 years old is being a great success. Our teen students make a trip around the world making lots of international friends, learning about new cultures, and of course... everything is in English! We're having a super fun time while doing lots of different activities: English classes, workshops, music, shopping, theater, recycling, tourism, new experiences... and more in English!

You still have time to sign up and join us. The camp goes on until July 31and during the month of September. We look forward to seeing you!

You can still sign up for our Summer Camp in English for children!
Great success of these first two weeks of summer camp in English for children aged 2 to 12 years offered by our school. The GREEN PLANET summer camp at British House allows our younger students to get to known the world and how to take care of it, while learning lots of English!

In class we do workshops, film and theater, crafts from recycled materials, learn about new cultures, read stories, make new recipes... and it's all in English!

You still have time to sign up and join us. The camp goes on until July 31and during the month of September. We look forward to seeing you!

Would you like to know British House? Open Doors Day on Thursday 29th May
We are pleased to invite you to the open doors day at British House on 29th May at 4 pm!
Visit the facilities of our two schools, meet our Director of Studies and ask her anything you want to know about the methodology and teaching materials at our school.
To confirm your attendance simply call 935 860 825. We hope to see you!
Happy Birthday British House!
British House celebrates its 13th birthday thanks to you! And to thank you for your trust over the years and celebrate our anniversary with you, all enrolments made between the 12th and the 17th of May will profit from our special anniversary price of 13 euros (including enrolment fee and materials for the course!) This discount applies to all current courses plus summer and September courses. Find out now!
Summer courses!
Sign up now for our July courses. In our summer programs you can find intensive courses for adults and young people in English for children aged 3 to 12 years, summer camp immersion in English for teens 11 to 17 years-old, and specific courses for specific needs (English conversation, practical English for travelling, English for work and English for high school). Ask for more info now!
Get ready for the summer! 2 and 3 months intensive English courses
Classes start on April 22 and 28 If you need a sprint on your level of English before the summer holidays, our English Express program is what you need! You can make a level in 8 or 12 weeks depending on your needs and prepare for official exams. Classes start upon returning from the Easter holidays and registrations are now open. Also, if you sign up before April 12th, your enrollment fee will be for free. Remember that these courses can also be discounted by the Tripartite Foundation. Find out how now!
Easter camp for children

You can still sign up for our Easter English camp for children between 3 and 11 years old. Ask for more info now.

Speak English and have fun! :D

Easter at British House!
Our students at British House keep on surprising us!
Thank you Montse Dominguez Castillo... for a delicious "Mona" Easter Cake! :)
Would you like to be part of our Pyrenees English summer camps 2014?

On March 19 we hold a meeting on SUMMER CAMPS IN ENGLISH at the Pyrenees including sports, adventure and lots of fun for children from 6 to 16 years old.

Camps can last 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks between June 30 and July 25 and there are different programs depending on the child's age and the chosen sport: football, basketball, tennis, dance, bike, motorcycle, and discovery camp.

If you could not come to the meeting but are interested in receiving info, at the school we will give you a catalog and attend all the questions you may have.

Easter camp in English - speak English and have fun!
After the great success of the Christmas camp in English for children and teenagers, the British House has organized the Easter programs for children and teens from 3 to 17 years old.

Fun, activities, recipes, crafts, songs, films, stories, workshops... all in English! Request more info now.

Let's have a cup of coffee in French!
After the success of our free English conversation sessions, we are starting a new activity in French: Le café en français! See you on Monday, March 17th at 20.30 at the Crac Cafeteria!
Original version cinema
Would you like to practice English with George Clooney? Come to our free Cienma & speaking session in English!
See you on Friday, March 7 at the library Mestre Martí Tauler in Rubí. During the activity we'll watch the film in its original version with English subtitles, and then we will conduct a brief conversation workshop to learn new vocabulary. Do not miss it!
New Business English course
Do you need English for work? Do you want to learn the language in a practical and effective way? Join our new English course focused on business. We are starting on March 5th. Ask for more info now!
Free English Workshop for Kids: Crafts & Fun in English!
On Saturday, March 8 from 11 am to 12 pm we invite you to do crafts and other fun activities, always speaking in English! If you are between 3 and 11 years, you can not miss it! See you there!
Info session: courses in Ireland
Great attendance at the info session on courses for teens and adults in Ireland!
If you could not come, call us at 93 586 08 25 to arrange a personal visit.
The registration period has already begun!
Business English Workshop- Job Interviews
Great success of our Job Interviews Business English workshop on Feb 19th!!

Contact us for more info about the next free workshop!!! We look forward to seeing you next time!

New language courses for 2014
We start January with enthusiasm and new purposes. This year at British House we make it easy for you to achieve your goals by learning languages. Let us present you some of our most recent proposals: adultss and young adults can begin this month with introductory courses, conversation levels, and preparation to obtain official Cambridge University certifications such as First Certificate and CAE. On the other hand, you may opt for intensive courses that allow you to learn a whole level of English in 2 or 3 months, and in the case of teenagers, they may take a specific course of English for high school and selectivity. In the case of younger students, British House has scheduled new BABY ENGLISH courses for children from 1 year accompanied by their families, and new courses for INFANTS, KIDS and JUNIORS from 2 up to 12 years old.

In addition, apart from English, people from Rubí are increasingly interested in learning a second language such as French, German and Russian, so as to have more opportunities in the labor market.

Take advantage of our January discounts and learn a new language or improve your level. British House makes it easy for us to achieve our goals this new year!

Happy New Year 2014!
All the team at British House wishes you a fantastic new year 2014!!!
Happy holidays!
All the team of British House wishes you Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year full of love, fun & languages!
Senior English classes for beginners start next week
Would you like to learn English in a practical way and at your own pace, with students the same age as you? This is the course for you!

1 day a week, several timetables, reduced senior rates. Beginning November 20th. Ask for more info now!

Free business English workshop
How to make your CV in English? Are you looking for a new job? Maybe you just want to improve your business English skills? Or perhaps, you want to be prepared for a job interview in which you'll have to explain your work experience in English... If this is your case, come next Wednesday, October 23rd at 8:30 pm for our free Business English workshop at the British House. It is a unique opportunity to improve your English in relation to the job. It's free! See you there!
You can’t miss it: free English conversation workshops!

The month of October will start off with free speaking workshops! Every first Thursday of the month at 8:30 pm in the Crac cafeteria of Rubí meet us for a session of Coffee and English, a unique opportunity to practice English in a relaxed atmosphere with friends! We will also do a special free workshop on how to write your CV in English, you cannot miss it! See you there!

New French and German courses for children and adults

This year BritishHouse offers you French and German courses for both childrenand adults, beginners and advanced levels, aswell as conversation classes. Toencourage you to learn a newlanguage, we offer a 10%discount on these courses! Classesbegin on 15thOctober and registration is now open! Find out more now.

The new course has begun at British House!

This month we have started classes with great enthusiasm and many new features!
We have designed courses to suit all our students: English courses for children, starting from 1 year old through the courses for children and teens and adults up to the highest degrees of the University of Cambridge. There are express courses, courses for parents who want to take advantage of the time their child is in class so they can also learn English, French and German classes, and more! Follow us on the web or social networks and get all the information you need to achieve your goals with English!

Happy holidays!!

British House is on holidays! We'll be back on August 28th and the new course will start on September 4th :)

We wish you a HAPPY SUMMER full of fun!!! & remember... Speak Languages! Be International! ;)

English for travelling!
Freshen up your English in July!

English for travelling is a 6-hour course designed exclusively for practicing English vocabulary related to travelling and tourism. The course will take place on 23, 24 and 25 July.

Only a few days left for registration! Call us now and get ready for the summer! :D

Come to our International Weeks!
Great success during the 1st week of our English summer camp at British House INTERNATIONAL WEEKS- KIDS for children 3 to 11 years, and INTERNATIONAL WEEKS -TEENS  for young people 12 to 16 years old! You still have time to join us in July and the 1st week of September! Find out more now. See you there! :)
Ireland English Camp: let's go!
The first group of British House students has already left for their total immersion experience in Ireland. They'll have the opportunity to improve their level of English while living great new experiences sorrounded by the rich Irish culture!
And the winner of our contest is...

Do you want to know the name of the winner of the competition for a summer course!? The lucky person is NAIMA DONES SOLELL who has won a week of classes for our program INTERNATIONAL WEEKS. See you in class! CONGRATULATIONS!

International weeks: fun and English
We have already started our English summer school at British House! International weeks for children and young people full of fun and English during the months of June, July and September! You can still register and join us. Find out now!
Good news for all the people of Rubí!
The British House has signed an agreement of collaboration with the RACC to be Rubi's exclusive language school, meaning that all RACC members will receive a discount at the British House!
Are you a RACC member? Find out more!
British House & Social Media. We're 600 friends on Facebook!
British House is also on the social networks! On the day of our 12th anniversary, the British official Facebook reaches 600 fans, thank you all for following and sharing English with us.

We are more than 1000 British House friends on Facebook and the official British House profile has over 600 followers and growing! Like us! We'll help you learn languages!
Cinema in original version at the British!
Watching movies in original version is a great option to practice language and listening comprehension. We always recommend it to our students, and to facilitate the work, in our library there is a lot of audiovisual material that students can take home to practice even more English.

Not happy with this, the British also organizes movie sessions in the original version. We usually offer special sessions for the young learners over Christmas and in summer, and adults for Valentines or for other occasions. We enjoy the movie, the popcorn and English!
British Teens in UK and USA!
Speaking English is your passport for the world! At the British House we know it and so we always speak English in our classrooms.

We also know that to travel abroad is a great way to improve the language, and so, this year, one of the most innovative projects with our teen students is the virtual trip to the UK and the U.S.! Students will learn about the geography, culture, food, music, as they discover the world. The British House has no boundaries!
English & Coffee: Free chat sessions for adults!
Fluency in English is the # 1 goal of our students. So the British, apart from our level courses and conversation classes, invites you to come and chat in our English&Coffee sessions, in the Crac cafeteria! It's free and it is for all levels. Everyone is invited to participate, not only the students of the British House, so, if you have friends, colleagues, family or whoever you want to have a good time with refreshing their English, and learning in a relaxed and funny atmosphere, this is your chance. We are in the Crac of Rubí on the first Thursday of each month at 7.30 pm.

Do you want to have a coffee in English? :)
British Kids around the world!
At the British House we want all our students not to only learn English, but also to live a cultural immersion and see the world, always making use of the language. That is why this year the younger students of the British travel around the world in the British Bus! Do you know it? The British Bus is our friend in British Kids that takes us wherever we want to go, always in the company of a teacher and all the friends of the class, and also with the "animal friends" we have in each classroom.

Thus, students are discovering distant countries such as Australia, China and Kenya, and in each country they are meeting friends who accompany them on their journey, always speaking English, of course!
New technologies at the British House: Skype lessons and online courses
The British always offers the latest in new technologies. Today we introduce a new service which can be accessed conveniently from home, work or at from other place. Are you familiar with Skype? It is a free tool that allows talking and internet video conferencing between people who have created a Skype account, which as we already mentioned, it is free, and also very easy to use.

From this year on, we have new computers in the school and from now on if you want you can make booster lessons & tutoring via Skype. Or if you prefer, for those who do not have time to travel to our school facilities, British House offers the opportunity to attend online English classes. Whatever your need, the British will facilitate your language learning, because at the British House there are no boundaries!
Practical English course for parents
In British House we understand that it is very difficult to reconcile work and family life, and much more difficult if you want to reconcile it with studies, so, for those who want to learn English and have difficulty with schedules, British House offers a workshop to communicate in English, at the same time that your son or daughter is having English class. There are several levels. Now there is no excuse to have English as a pending subject! :)

Now also Chinese classes at the British House
Apart from English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Catalan ... this course you can learn a new language in British House: Chinese! Learn the Chinese language and culture with our teacher, Xiao Wei Ye.

The British House always bets on the future, and we also want to offer our students the opportunity to learn Chinese. So this year you can sign up for Chinese classes at the British House. For more information call us.
New program: au pair in Ireland
After the good feedback from overseas programs, we present you with a new option: English babysitting! A good way to learn the language and to learn about the Irish culture with minimal expense.

This program is specifically aimed at young people who want to travel, learn English and experience a new culture, with the aim of entering into the local life thoroughly, even without sufficient financial support. In this way, they can stay at home with an Irish family, and while caring for their children, they can practice the language and learn about the Irish lifestyle. For more information, contact us.
BABY ENGLISH: English for 1 year old children
NEW: This year we have begun English for children from 1 year on and it has been a great success both for the children and for the accompanying parents.

As you know, the sooner you start learning a language, the easier it is. This is why at the British we have decided to make all our experience and expertise in teaching languages ​​available for the youngest in the house. From now on, children from 1 year of age can learn English while learning to speak their mother tongue, and if they decide to take up their full language education at the British House, they'll be able to do so up  to the higher-level qualifications.

You can try one free class!

Halloween and Christmas at the British!
Halloween and Christmas are two of the most celebrated traditions in the Anglo-Saxon countries. The British House doesn't only want to teach languages, but we want students to learn the most about the Anglo-Saxon cultures; so following the tradition, we did some "Trick or Treating" and " Christmas Carol Singing" with our students.

During the month of October, we enjoyed the "trick or treat", a tradition that children see in many films, and that implies dressing up and going door to door asking for candy and sweets in exchange for not making any "trick". The kids really enjoyed being out in the streets and filling their bags with goodies!

More recently, during the Christmas time, we also made little trips through the streets of our city, singing carols in English. In this way, children will not only incorporate English into their daily lives, but also taste the culture of other countries.

With the two activities we learned a lot of English and culture while we had a great time!

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